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Irish Spell Checker - GaelSpell

Sorry, we no longer sell these products.
If you write in Irish, please consider joining the collaborative Irish dictionary, Irishionary.

While the Ceart Irish Grammar Checker is a stand-alone software tool, GaelSpell fully integrates with Microsoft Word to give you built-in Irish spell checking at your fingertips!

  • Are you a translator who works with Irish language documents on a daily basis?
  • Or are you a teacher or lecturer and you need to create Irish content for your students?
  • Or indeed are you a student that needs some help with Irish spelling?

If so, GaelSpell will make your Irish writing so much easier.

How GaelSpell Integrates with Microsoft Word

Even with writing in English, we’re all familiar with what happens if you misspull a word. That red underline shows up to alert you to a misspelling.

  • Now get the same powerful spell checking capabilities for the Irish language, built right into Microsoft Word.
  • GaelSpell draws from a massive 300,000 Irish word entries.
  • Forgot a fada? You’ll soon find out. Need to have a flawless Irish document by the end of today? GaelSpell is ready for your instant download and install!

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Download GaelSpell Instantly

Ready to buy? Your copy of GaelSpell Irish Spell Checker is waiting for your instant download.

  • GaelSpell is intended to work with Microsoft Word 2007, under Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. A version for Microsoft Word 2003 is also available upon request to .
  • You will have direct email support from the developers of GaelSpell available to you as a customer.

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GaelSpell Irish Spell Checker (Windows 7/Vista/XP)

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If you have any questions about the GaelSpell software tool, please don’t hesitate in contacting Eoin at for a response within 18 hours.

Existing customers can contact technical support at

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