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If you write in Irish, please consider joining the collaborative Irish dictionary, Irishionary.

You might be like me — you’ve gone through nearly 15 years of learning Irish in school — but you're not always entirely sure where the séimhiú or urú goes, or if you're using the tenses correctly.

Or you might be writing Irish on your computer quite a lot, but you’re really lacking a grammar and spell checker.

That’s why we have two powerful Irish writing tools to offer you, that you can download today:

Imagine your life without a spell checker!

I do a lot of writing in English, and I wouldn’t fancy having to write a flawless 300-word article, especially without a spelling checker and a grammar checker that I’m so used to relying on.

Now imagine your life without an Irish spell checker. If you’re an occasional writer in the Irish language, or if your job is to translate documents, Ceart (Irish grammar checker) and GaelSpell (Irish spell checker) are your friends! Despite my years Gaelscoil schooling, Ceart and GaelSpell have helped me to the next level of writing correct Irish, and they can help you.

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Two software tools to make your life easier

Get ready to instantly download the two leading Irish writing tools.

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Ceart Irish Grammar Checker (Windows 7/Vista/XP)

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Also available for Apple Mac (see product page).

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GaelSpell Irish Spell Checker (Windows 7/Vista/XP)

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Learn to speak Irish

If you'rere still far away from writing an entire document in Irish — in fact, if you want to start from the very basics, we have an Irish language course for you.

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