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Verbs in the Irish Language

Irish has the following verb tenses and moods.

Tense or Mood Irish Name Use
Present Aimsir Láithreach Describes something that is happening at the moment.
Habitual Present Aimsir Ghnáthláithreach Describes something that happens regularly.
Past Aimsir Chaite Describes something that happened in the past.
Habitual Past, Imperfect Aimsir Ghnáthchaite Describes something that happened regularly in the past.
Future Aimsir Fháistineach Describes something that will happen in the future.
Imperative Modh Ordaitheach Expresses a command, advice, or a request.
Conditional Modh Coinníollach Indicates what would happen under certain circumstances.
Present Subjunctive Modh Foshuiteach Láithreach Expresses a wish.

The meaning of a verb often depends on the preposition that accompanies it. For example,

Bhuail mé le Seán means "I met Seán"

Bhuail mé Seán means "I hit Seán"

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