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Wombat's Irish Grammar Guide

A brief contemplation of Irish grammar.

Learning a language is a huge untertaking, especially if you are above the age of 15! It's also a daunting task to try to understand the underlying patterns in a language's grammar rules. Our Wombat has taken a step back, and has put together a simple and accessible guide to Irish language grammar. Why not start off by reading about the Irish alphabet, or Irish pronunciation.

Meditating Wombat! Irish Grammar
  1. Dialects
  2. Alphabet
  3. Broad and Slender Vowels
  4. Caol le caol agus leathan le leathan
  5. Pronunciation
  6. Initial Mutations
  7. Lenition (Séimhiú)
  8. Eclipsis
  9. Word order
  10. The Article
  11. Pronouns
  12. Prepositions
  13. Prepositional Pronouns
  14. Nouns
  15. Gender
  16. Slendering and Broadening
  17. Noun declensions
  18. Plurals
  19. Verbs
  20. Verbal Adjectives
  21. Verbal Nouns
  22. Copula
  23. Adjectives
  24. Comparisons

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