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translation "my brother"

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Post February 20 2010, 9:27 AM
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on this site I saw that my brother is spelled as "mo déartháir", but I used to think it was with an H, "mo dhéartháir'. Could somebody explain to me what is the right one?

And if I write this in gaelic, do I have to combine some consonants, such as DH and TH, or is this not necessary.

It is a dedication to my brother, so Id like to have the right spelling on my foot:)

Post February 20 2010, 9:36 AM
wombat oifigiúil an fóraim
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mo dheartháir
my brother

(There's no mark over the e.) The base word is deartháir, but usually words after "mo" acquire an extra h. It's a grammar thing. If you've seen "mo déartháir" on this site, it's a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake; that's why we advise people to wait until at least three people are in agreement before using a tattoo for anything important.

Post February 20 2010, 20:14 PM
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great thanks!
ill wait patiently!

Post February 20 2010, 20:29 PM
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I can second "mo dheartháir"


Post February 20 2010, 22:15 PM
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thanks again.

how about the writing in gaelic? cause there are consonants for 'th' and 'dh'. is this needed, when following the gaelic transcription?

Post February 20 2010, 22:23 PM
Laoch na nGael
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The 'h' is represented in old irish font as a dot over the the letter previous, so the D in mo dheartháir would have a dot over the 'd' and the H would be omitted. However in modern Irish its perfectly fine to write it as previously said, it'd only be if you used one of those fonts chló gaelach would you use the dot instead of the h, and of course if its a tattoo for artistic reasons those old fonts look great

See the links on the left for fonts, theyll let you input the word and itll come out with the Irish font, make sure you leave out the 'h' though
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Post February 20 2010, 22:25 PM
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awesome! that works!

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