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Post September 03 2009, 7:32 AM
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I wish to have my daughters names tattoo'd on my arm as a chain, I would like to do it in Gaelic in honour of my ancestors who originally came from County Cork, there names are:

Tamsin Shivonne
Sherilyn Kim

Many thanks
Darren Mc Gorrell
South Africa

Post September 03 2009, 11:34 AM
Andúileach IGTF
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Hi, I'm afraid that none of those names have an Irish form, though hold on and see what others have to say, please.
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Iúil Ó Cofaigh

Post September 03 2009, 11:39 AM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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shivonne might be an anglicised version of siobhán...but apart from that i'd go along with julius.
names just don't translate, despite what you hear. ;D
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Post September 03 2009, 14:27 PM
Andúileach IGTF
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aye ..they "render"

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