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origin of poosley

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Post June 02 2009, 21:07 PM
John Larkin
Anseo again
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My late father 1923-1979 used to use an adjective to descibe how he felt when he did not feel well somehow. He used to have a old sheepskin coat that he liked to put on when he felt "poosley." They named our dog the same before I came along.
I thought he made up this word - but my mother says no - it's a word. But it's not in the dictionary. Nil ar chor ar bith...
In the spirit of our late great Danny Cassidy, here's my theory.

cf - púicshúileach - sunken eyed. púiciúil - gloomy, sullen
Dineen has púc-súil -

I suggest here that this is a remnant from old Erin. Anyone concur?
Rugadh a sean-athair i Contae na Gallimhe

Post June 02 2009, 21:09 PM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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John Larkin wrote:They named our dog the same before I came along.

jayse, but ye're lucky he got a dog first :lach:

Post June 03 2009, 0:24 AM
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I think its just a variation of "poorly"

Post June 03 2009, 0:53 AM
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It doesn't ring a bell with me.

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