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Happy Holidays

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Post October 29 2003, 16:56 PM
New Arrival
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Could you translate this for me?
Happy Holidays!


Post October 29 2003, 16:59 PM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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You wouldn't really say "happy holidays" although it would translate as

Laethanta Saoire Sona Dhuit


Nollaig Shona Dhuit - Merry Christmas
Bliain Úr faoi Mhaise - Happy New Year
Oíche Shamhna Shona Dhuit

Post October 29 2003, 17:11 PM
New Arrival
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Then how would you suggest to say it without a religious overtone that Christmas implies?


Post October 29 2003, 18:04 PM
Site Admin
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"Laethanta Saoire Sona Dhuit" is good, but a version of the American term "happy holidays" just doesn't exist in Irish. So go with "Laethanta Saoire Sona Dhuit", it does not have religious undertones.

I'm thinking that we'll have to put up a Christmas sticky post soon. :x I'm just wondering, are the other countries as bad as Ireland - our shops have Christmas stuff for the past few weeks.

Post October 29 2003, 18:31 PM
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YES, it drives me flippin' nuts. I mean, we haven't even had Halloween yet or Thanksgiving and I'm seeing Christmas stuff. :roll:


Post October 29 2003, 19:16 PM
Scéalaí Mór
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Yup, saw my first toy commercial on TV yesterday!! :roll:

labhair amach os ard 's tabhair bata beag leat.

Post October 29 2003, 19:35 PM
New Arrival
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At least we're getting Halloween before christmas advertising starts.

Hey thanks a bunch!!!

One last thing - What is the actual translation then - of "Laethanta Saoire Sona Dhuit"


Post October 29 2003, 19:51 PM
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Ó Dhia dhílis! In some places you see the first sightings of Christmas crap in August or September. By the time the actual holiday arrives you're just sick to death of the whole ordeal.
Buíochas le Dia chuige an nGuinness, agus cuid mhór mhór uaidh!!
- :wink:
Slán go foill,
Cé ?! An mba cheart imníocht mise?

Post October 29 2003, 20:06 PM
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I actually made a note of it in my Palm Pilot this year because I swear it was the earliest ever. The local WalMart had Christmas items on their shelves on October 8th, 2003!
Tá mé ag foghlaim i gcónaí. With translations, it is best to wait for someone more adept than I to confirm.
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