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Translation of Breathe?

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Post February 13 2008, 14:58 PM
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I have been waiting to get a tattoo of the word 'breathe' in gaelic irish but I want to make sure that that I get the exact translation. If anyone could help I'd really appreiciate it! Thanks so much!

Post February 13 2008, 15:07 PM
Scríbhneoir d'Éigean
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As a command, to one person: análaigh.
Tarraing anáil - "take a breath" - is probably a more common way of phrasing it though.


Post February 13 2008, 15:13 PM
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Thanks so much! :D

Post February 13 2008, 20:41 PM
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Analaigh is pronounced roughly: AH-nah-lee
Tarraing anáil: TAH-rinn AH-nahl (the r is either as in Spanish "pero", ie. one tap, or as in "perro", ie. trilled).
Is fearr Gaeilg chliste ná Gaeilg bhriste

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