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I need the Irish Word for ENERGY

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Post September 07 2007, 20:46 PM
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I want to get a tattoo of the work ENERGY. My background is all Irish but don't have any immediate relatives that speak or know the Irish or gaelic languages.
Can anyone help?

Post September 07 2007, 20:48 PM
Craic Pusher
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''Fuinneamh'' = Energy

Post September 07 2007, 20:49 PM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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seth68fire wrote:I want to get a tattoo of the work ENERGY.

You don't perchance mean work-energy theorem, do you? :lach: Sorry . . . seriously though, are you talking about the kind of energy they use in physics, or vitality, or what? I think there are multiple words for energy and we'll need to know more to pick the right one.

:) David
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Post September 07 2007, 20:53 PM
Getting Addicted
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Post September 08 2007, 5:25 AM
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Sorry Guys, I meant to say the word Energy! Not work. If someone was to ask me what I was all about in one word, I would say Energy. I am very energetic, always moving around, actually a small case of ADD but in a positive way. Hope that helps. FUINNEAMH looks like a good start but it might be a little too long to put on my arm. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help.

Post September 08 2007, 5:35 AM
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I guess what I'm looking for is a cool IRISH word to discribe myself using the word Energy. But ENERGETIC, ELECTRIFY, VITALITY, LIVELY, AND VIGOROUS are also all very good words as well. I know this seems a little silly, but I'm really excited about this tattoo and it will have great meaning. Thanks and let me know what you guys think.

Post September 08 2007, 11:43 AM
Scríbhneoir d'Éigean
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energetic - bríomhar, fuinniúil, spleodrach

energizing - spreagúil

electrify - curim sceitimíní ar (person)

lively is often expressed in phrases like "lively as a cricket" etc. - you could get away with beogach or anamúil

vivacious - aigeantach, bíogúil, spleodrach

You could also go for one of these standards:
tapaigh an deis
carpe diem/take the chance

bain ceol as an saol
enjoy life (lit. reap music from life)
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Post April 01 2015, 3:16 AM
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This is funny, but it's 8 years later and I'm finally getting this tattoo. Thank you guys for the help!!!..........8 years ago!

Post April 01 2015, 9:53 AM
Scéalaí Mór
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Late-nt Energy :lach:
There is nearly always more than one way to translate something and I'm cat melodeon at the auld spelling, so get confirmation if possible.

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