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SG: translation for lucky

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Post May 04 2007, 21:27 PM
New Arrival
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hi, i am doing a funeral service for a friend whiose father was from scottland. i guess the mans mother called him lucky in gealic when he was a boy, but my friend cant remember what it was. she would like it on a few banners and possibly the headstone if we can find a correct translation. so basically i need a translation for "lucky" any form of luck will help at this point thank you so much!

Kate McKae

Post May 04 2007, 21:28 PM
Craic Pusher
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I'll give it to you in Irish:

Ádh = Lucky

Post May 04 2007, 21:31 PM
New Arrival
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thanks...umm is there a difference between irish and scottish gaelic? sorry my family is scottish but i dont know much about the old languange

Post May 04 2007, 21:36 PM
Craic Pusher
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Yes there is a difference to Irish and Scottish Gaelic, just think of it as Portuguese and Spanish.

Irish and Scottish Gaelic are both related, and have similar words:

Irish: Tá mé go maith agus cad é atá tú a dhéanamh
Scottish Gaelic: Tha mi gu math agus dè tha thu a dèanamh
English: I am fine thank you and what are you doing?

Other difference: The accents for Irish and Scottish Gaelic is different:

(á é í ó ú) = Irish
(à è ì ò ù) = Scottish Gaelic

Here is information on Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Post May 04 2007, 21:40 PM
New Arrival
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thank you, i hate being uninformed and sounding like and idiot

Post May 04 2007, 21:44 PM
Andúileach IGTF
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Hiya, in Gaelic (Scottish) I think it's àghmhor or àdhmhor for lucky, though wait for the SG translators on this.
Tá an domhan uile ina stáitse agus teastaíonn cleachtadh go géar ón mórchuid againn.
-Seán Ó Cathasaigh
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Iúil Ó Cofaigh

Post May 04 2007, 21:53 PM
New Arrival
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SG translators? please pardon my ignorance, im new here. most of my family is from scottland and i dont know that much about it all

Post May 04 2007, 22:04 PM
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wait for more input
Ritheann fear buile trí thuile go dána, ach is minic thug tuile fear buile le fána

Post May 04 2007, 22:07 PM
Ard-Banríon na Ráiméise
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Hi Kate,

As Benjamin and Seán mentioned, Irish and Scottish Gaelic are different (though related) languages. Irish is what most of us here have, but a few do have some Scottish Gaelic as well. I've flagged your post "SG" so those of us who have some Gaelic can help you out.


Post May 04 2007, 22:08 PM
Craic Pusher
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According to my downloaded Gaelic dictionary it is àghmhor

So I can confirm this. :gut:


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