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feadóg stáin

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Post November 18 2006, 14:48 PM
Anseo again
Posts: 12
How do you pronounce feadóg stáin (tin whistle)? I always write this down but I'm just not too sure how to say it correctly.

Post November 18 2006, 14:56 PM
Scéalaí Mór
Posts: 2563
Fah-dogue styyne is as close as I can get to it using English phonetics.
Always wait for further input with my translations.

Post November 18 2006, 16:00 PM
Ard-Banríon na Ráiméise
Posts: 57599
I think we're pronouncing it the same way, but just to give another approach, that may work better for Americans:

FA-dohg stan (where the "a" in both cases rhymes with "hat").

BTW, if it's easier, you don't need to add the "stáin." "Feadóg" will be understood as "tin whistle/penny whistle" (and leaving off the word "stáin"..."tin"...allows for other materials, such as wood, brass or delrin)


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