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translate to irish uncial

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Post October 04 2006, 14:49 PM
New Arrival
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translate the word marijuana and the word fearless to irish uncial

Post October 04 2006, 15:09 PM
wombat oifigiúil an fóraim
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uncial is just a font style. You can leave the words in Irish, and just put them in any uncial font.

If you want the words in Irish:


As for fearless, if it needs to be one word:

- or -

But more commonly we'd say gan eagla or gan faitíos

Post October 04 2006, 21:24 PM
irish yank
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Why do you want marijuana translated? :?
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Post October 04 2006, 21:50 PM
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i'll have a wee bit if any going spare
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Post October 05 2006, 14:42 PM
New Arrival
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i need it in gaelic please if anyone knows

Post October 05 2006, 15:10 PM
Andúileach IGTF
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jon_jon wrote:i need it in gaelic please if anyone knows

Mwhombat has already gave you the Irish words above, or do you mean Scottish Gaelic when you say in Gaelic?
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Post October 05 2006, 16:05 PM
wombat oifigiúil an fóraim
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on another thread, jon_jon wrote:the words fearless and stoner and marijuana plz

Asking for confirmation is a good idea, but let's keep it on this thread.

I've given you the words for "fearless" and "marijuana". I'm not aware of an Irish word for "stoner". Perhaps someone else will know a word for it.

Post October 05 2006, 16:13 PM
wombat oifigiúil an fóraim
Posts: 18524
Wombat's Quick Explanation of Fonts Modern Irish uses the regular latin alphabet, so any normal font will work fine, as long as it has the accented vowels -- which most do. You can experiment with all kinds of fonts here:

Also, until the middle of the last century a font style called sean-chló was used (you can preview this by selecting fonts with names ending in "-chló". When sean-chló is used, lenition is normally indicated by placing a dot over the consonant, instead of placing a h after it as we do today. So you can shorten your inscription or tattoo by replacing all instances of bh with , ch with ċ, dh with , fh with , gh with ġ, mh with , ph with , sh with , and th with . (You should see dots above those consonants.) Any occurrence of h at the beginning of a word is simply left alone. You'll probably want to use old-style spelling to match, so ask us for help with this.

Post October 05 2006, 19:16 PM
Scéalaí Mór
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Bring back the buailte! Bring back the buailte!

/me slinks back off into obscurity. =]
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Post October 05 2006, 19:29 PM
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cnáib is hemp if ur looking for a slightly more irish word.
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