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The meaning and spelling of Seanchaí

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Post June 10 2006, 0:19 AM
New Arrival
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I am trying to discover the proper spelling and meaning of the word Seanchaí, or Senachaí, which I believe refers to a storytelling member of a community who's responsibility it was to maintain and pass on the oral tradition of that particular community or cultural group. Can anyone give me some information as to whether this is an accurate description of this words meaning, or if there is any other meaning associated with this word? I would also appreciate some insight into the spelling and pronunciation of the word.

Thank you in advance for you time and effort.

Post June 10 2006, 0:24 AM
Ard-Banríon na Ráiméise
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Seanchaí (pronounced "SHAN-uh-khee"): Reciter of ancient lore; traditional storyteller.


Post June 10 2006, 9:52 AM
Christy Quinn.
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Redwolf wrote:Seanchaí (pronounced "SHAN-uh-khee"): Reciter of ancient lore; traditional storyteller.


Hi, I agreee with Redwolf 100%. it also means , An antiquary, historian or genalogist but it is mainly used nowadays to mean a storyteller, the older form is 'Seanchaidhe'just in case you come across this spelling. Xty :ja:

Post June 11 2006, 4:27 AM
New Arrival
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Thank you for your help. Good day!

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