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Begorah! what does it mean?

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Post December 03 2004, 14:57 PM
Posts: 184
I beg to differ,
my dad says begorrah all the time & it's considered normal.
People are only offended by foreigners using it to make fun of the Irish :cry:

Post December 03 2004, 15:01 PM
Anseo again
Posts: 14
Sure and begorrah you're right there!

Post December 03 2004, 15:05 PM
Posts: 184
aye, bejaysus!

Post December 03 2004, 17:30 PM
Anseo again
Posts: 19
me granda says faith and begorrah as an explative(correct spelling?). Never though anything of it. :nixweiss:
Erin Go Brach


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