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Post September 17 2005, 16:08 PM
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Post September 17 2005, 16:15 PM
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"Sí grá mo shaol í mo bhean chéile anois"
"Níl in ár saol ach fiche bliain ag fás, fiche bliain fé bhláth, fiche bliain ag cromadh is fiche bliain ag dul ar lár" Please wait for confirmation as my Irish is not perfect.

Post September 17 2005, 16:16 PM
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Is í mo bhean chéile grá mo shaoil anois
Note that I am only a learner of Irish. Wait for confirmations!
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Post September 17 2005, 17:46 PM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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iora_rua wrote:Is í mo bhean chéile grá mo shaoil anois

This works, and you can also replace the is í at the beginning with as rinagaeilge did.

:) David
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Post September 17 2005, 17:46 PM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
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iora_rua wrote:Is í mo bhean chéile grá mo shaoil anois

Well, grammatically correct, but what about:

Is í mo bhean chéile mo chuid den tsaol anois

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