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An Gabhar Ban by Clannad

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Post July 25 2005, 21:14 PM
Anseo again
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The lyrics can be found on Celtic Lyrics Corner ( but there are missing parts in the translation. Could somebody please try to figure them out?

Sa tsean ghleann thiar a bhi sí raibh
Go dtí gur fhás na hadharc’ uirthi
Bliain is céad is corradh laethe
Go dtáinig an aois go tréan uirthi
Bhi sí gcró bheag ins an cheo
Go dtáinig feil’Eoin is gur éalaigh sí
Thart an ród san bealach mór
Gur lean a tóir go gear uirthi.

In the old glen yonder she was always
Until the horns grew on her
Eleven years and some odd days
Until age came heavily to her
She was in a small pen in the fog …
Until St. John’s Day came and she escaped
Down the road through the big gap
Until she was hotly pursued

Ni raibh nduine ar a tóir ach Donnchú óg
Is d’ith sí an lón san t-anlann air
Ni raibh aige ina dhorn ach ceap túine mór
Agus leag sé anuas ón arradh í
Nuair a chuala an gabhar bán go raibh sí ar lár
Thug sí léim chun tárrthála
Thug sí rás ‘s ni raibh sí sásta
Is leag sí spíon an táilliúra.

No one was after her except young Donnchú
And she ate his lunch
He only had in his fist a …
And he brought it down from the …
When the white goat heard that she was …
She leapt for freedom …
She gave a race and she wasn’t satisfied
And she knocked down the thorn of the tailor

Chomh cruinn le rón gur thóg sí feoil
Gan pis gan mórán déibhirce
Ach d’ith sí cib agus barr an fhraoich
Slánlús min is craobhógai
Draoin is dreas is cuilcann glas
Gach ní ar dhath na h-áinleoga
Cutharán sléibhe, duilliúr féile
Caora sréana agus blainséogai.

As smart as a seal that she took the meat
Without peas or without much …
But she ate sedge and the top of the heather
Plantain and small branches
… and briars and green …
Everything with the color of …
Mountain …, feast leaves
… sheep and …

Chuaigh sí dhíol cios le Caiftín Spits
Is chraethnaigh a croi go dtréigfí í
Chaith sí an oíche ar bheagán bidh
Mar ndúil is go geasfaí féar uirthi
D’Fan sí ‘a óiche i dtóin Ros Coill
Is chaith sí é go pléisúra
Go dtáinig an slua ar maidin go luath
Is thug siad amach as Éirinn í.

She went the rent payment of Caiftín Spits
And her heart … that they would abandon her
She spent the night on the little food
Like … grass
She spent the night at the bottom of Ros Coill
And she spent it happily
Until the crowd came early in the morning
And took her out from Ireland

Post July 26 2005, 14:41 PM
Laoch na nGael
Posts: 591
As always, get a second, third, or fourth opinion. I'm prone to make mistakes. lol Sonas ort!

Post July 27 2005, 23:55 PM
Anseo again
Posts: 18
Dunlaith wrote:*bump*


Gabh mo leithscéal for being such a pain in the butt. :oops: I tried to learn Gaeilge by listening to Clannad songs but only after I found some lyrics and translations I started to make some progress. I think music is a very positive way to learn a language - and a very useful one.

Unfortunately I don't know the language well enough to translate the lyrics myself - I'm just a newbie. But if anyone cares to give some input - I'm sure learners would benefit from this.

I always try hard to find a translation on the web before requesting it here. Sorry once again for bothering.

Post July 28 2005, 2:31 AM
Aistritheoir Cíocrach
Posts: 19066
Song translations are quite a bit of work, and often we just don't have that kind of time :?

Listening to music is a help, but it's probably not the best way to get started learning Irish. You might be overextending yourself a little at this point, with figuring out these lyrics - maybe let them slide for a few days and try something shorter and more manageable.

:) David
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