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Post July 22 2005, 12:29 PM
ni neart go guinness
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howdy! i have been reading an intersting book called the song of Albion, maybe you have heard of it? newho, i have been wanting to learn some gaelic hopefully i can use in my warcry for union.

warriors born, warriors bred, today the earth will shake under our feet, our fathers watch from heaven and the smile upon us, our enemies will fold and nothing will come between us and victory,

the other one is:

wolf brother

i would be gratefull for the help, and if it isnt to mutch trouble, because i am new to the language if you could add some pronounciation, its okay if you dont want to....THANK YOU SO MUTCH!!! :D slan!

Post July 22 2005, 16:03 PM
Laoch na nGael
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As always, get a second, third, or fourth opinion. I'm prone to make mistakes. lol Sonas ort!

Post July 22 2005, 16:26 PM
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Sure are alot of Irish battlecries out there. :lach:

I'll take a whack at wolf brother:

deartháir faolchú

Now that's "brother" as in a relative so there may be a better word than "deartháir". I think, perhaps, you want something more along the lines of 'companion in arms' or something like that, right? But still you could use this once someone confirms it.

I went with 'faolchú' which means "wild dog" here rather than wolf per sé. But if you specifically want wolf use:

deartháir mac tíre

Please wait for confirmation.
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Post July 22 2005, 17:20 PM
Laoch na nGael
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Bráithreachas = Brotherhood, so you could use the brotherhood of the wolf perhaps ; mac tíre an Bráithreachas or maybe it's just mac tíre Bráithreachas (not sure which one is the correct way though so wait for more input) :ja:
As always, get a second, third, or fourth opinion. I'm prone to make mistakes. lol Sonas ort!

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