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how do you say 'love'...

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Post July 20 2002, 22:35 PM
Anseo again
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Does anyone know how to say 'Love' in Gaelic? It's for a small story that im writing and i just wanted to know.

Post July 21 2002, 8:29 AM
Site Admin
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grá = love

Post July 24 2002, 1:12 AM
Anseo again
Posts: 14
thank you for the reply. I hate to bother you anymore but is 'grá' the same as 'my love', or just 'love' in general, or could it be used as both?

Post July 25 2002, 20:52 PM
New Arrival
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I just found this site so I hope I'm not late. Eoin must be busy, for he does surely know.
Grá means Love.
It is sometimes used as "a Grá" to mean "my love", but literally "mo Grá" are the words "my love".
An Gaeilge go deo!
Liam Ó Mealloid

Post July 26 2002, 21:41 PM
Site Admin
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That's right.

In Irish, when you're addressing someone you place "a" in front of the word and more often than not it places a "h" after the first letter if the first letter is a consonant. This is for grammatical reasons.

So to address someone:

A ghrá = my love / dear love
a graw

a chara = my friend
a kor-a

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