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Suzanne in Gaelic

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Post January 27 2005, 2:29 AM
suzanne wallace
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evening to all. i am also looking for gaelic websites for font lettering, and tattoo art in irish/gaelic.

Post January 27 2005, 2:34 AM
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Names don't "translate." Some names have Irish forms (usually these are either Irish names to begin with or Biblical or saints' names), but most don't (and the Irish forms of these names aren't "translations," anymore than "Ivan" and "Jean" are "translations" of "John." Rather they are representations of how those names have come to be spelled and pronounced in that language).

"Suzanne" is just a form of "Susan," a Hebrew name meaning "lily" or "rose." There are a couple of different Irish forms for "Susan," including "Siui," "Sosaidh." and "Súsanna."

It's also worth noting that names are not normally changed when speaking another language...they retain the form the person normally uses. For example, my daughter's given name is "Johanna," but I don't change it to "Jeanne" when speaking French or "Juanita" when speaking Spanish.

As far as fonts go, there are several available for download under the "fonts" heading under the shamrock to your left.


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