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Fir Na Tine...?

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Post February 05 2003, 17:57 PM
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Okay, I'm getting this irish tattoo, and i'm a firefighter, and I was looking at some others, and a couple of them said, Fir Na Tine...I think it might mean Men of Fire, but I'm not sure...if it does, then does anyone know what women of fire or something along those lines would be?

Post February 05 2003, 20:03 PM
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Fir na Tine = Men of Fire

Mná na Tine = Women of Fire

But to be more precise, there is a phrase for fire men

Fir dóiteáin = Firmen
firr doh-it-toin
There is no used female version of this, just the same in English when you don't hear "firewomen" being used.

Post February 05 2003, 20:11 PM
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Thankyou so much for that, that cleared a lot more question though...would it still be Mná Na Tine if it were woman and not women? And is there a gaelic word for firefighter (So i could say something like lady firefighter, something like that)?
Thank you so much, i've looked all over the net and this is the only sight that has had ANY help... :D[/quote]

Post February 05 2003, 20:20 PM
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For woman, it's

Bean an tine = Fire woman
ban on tin-ah

BUT!! it might be "na" instead of "an", I hope someone else will reply with help (it's a grammatical question). So don't go down to the tattoo parlour just yet :)

As for firefighter, I haven't heard of a phrase like that in Irish. It just doesn't sound right in Irish to "fight" fire. But then again, maybe someone will have a suggestion.

Post February 06 2003, 2:50 AM
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Eoin 7 Lil-bower45,

'Firemen' would be 'fir dhóiteáin'.

I'm not sure whether 'bean dhóiteáin' is ever used anywhere, but there's absolutely no logical reason why it couldn't be - 'bean dhóiteáin' is the most logical translation for 'firewoman' or 'female firefighter' that I can think of.

le meas,


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