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Post February 03 2003, 0:24 AM
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hey, I was wondering what my last name ( McNulty) is in gaelic? thanks Chris

Post February 03 2003, 0:43 AM
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Mac An Ultaigh

and from the web

The derivation of many Irish surnames is open to doubt, but there is none about that of MacNulty:

in Irish it is Mac an Ultaigh,

i.e. son of the Ulsterman.

An older anglicized form of the name, now rare, is MacAnulty.

The MacNultys belong today as they have done since the inception of surnames, to northwest Ulster - to Donegal, which claims to be the most Irish part of Ireland. As might be expected from the location of this sept they were overshadowed by the O'Donnells, sometimes in association with them, as in the battle of Desertcreagh in 1281 (a MacNulty was among the "distinguished slain" there), sometimes against them as on the occasion in 1431 when the O'Donnells are recorded by the Four Masters as making a predatory expedition against the MacNultys of Tirhugh (Co. Donegal).

From Derry, on the border of Co. Donegal, came Frank Joseph MacNulty (1872-1926), American labour leader, whose father Owen MacNulty was a veteran of the Civil War.
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