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Need Cool sayings for tattoo

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Post August 31 2004, 6:36 AM
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Hello all. This is the first time on this site. I've been trying to find cool sayings in Gaelic for a tattoo I want. Basically I'm putting a tattoo of a sword and shield over my heart. The shield is going to have (hopefully) my family crest on it.

The shield will be in front of the sword (which crosses behind it diagonally). What I was thinking was having ribbon either above or below the drawing with a Gaelic saying on it.

Any suggestions?

Kevin Hannigan
Irish Sailor

Post August 31 2004, 6:43 AM
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For suggestions, anything christian related, or cool sayings like they have in Latin (IE: If you want peace, prepare for war. I came, I saw, I conquered. Things like that). Or anything else you guys have come up with. Also, the caligraphy/font of how Gaelic is/was written would be great as well.

In fact, if someone could write/draw it out, scan it, and post it, they'd be AWESOME! ;D

Post August 31 2004, 7:13 AM
Scríbhneoir d'Éigean
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Well, you could start by looking through our Frequent Translations thread at the left under the shamrock

as for fonts, can you not download a font to your PC? Here are two antiquey .ttf ones (Bunchló Arsa / Seanchló Arsa) that you can download by right clicking and selecting "save target under"

others can be seen at (the words there in the list in bold are links to the fonts)

here's the old form of your surname though: (O) Hannigan - Ó hAnnagáin
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Post August 31 2004, 7:20 AM
Scéalaí Mór
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Good stuff

Here's a thread that looks at possible interpretations/translations:


I'd go for
Más í síocháin atá uaibh, oibrigí ar son cirt

Once, as a child, out in a field of sheep/Thomas Hardy pretended to be dead/And lay down flat among their dainty shins.
In that sniffed-at, bleated-into, grassy space/He experimented with infinity/His small cool brow was like an anvil waiting
For sky to make it sing the prefect pitch/Of his dumb being, and that stir he caused/In the fleece-hustle was the original
Of a ripple that would travel eighty years/Outward from there, to be the same ripple/Inside him at its last circumference.

Post August 31 2004, 7:22 AM
Scríbhneoir d'Éigean
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Just make sure to ignore the posts by pur3 p3r50n :wink:
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