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Hosted by Servint Enterprise VPS

Hosted by Servint has operated in its current form since 2002. As the years have passed, the site has been hosted with serveral server hosts, first beginning with a shared hosting on another hosting providor.

Shared hosting wasn't enough!

The site was taken offline several times due to over-usage of shared hosting resources. Once you have an active forum, it takes a good bit of server juice and optimisation to keep it running smoothly.

Servint Enterprise VPS to the Rescue

We have been happily nested at Servint for the past several years. This web page was served to you by our Servint Virtual Private Server (VPS). What that means is that the site sits comfortably in its own virtual operating system, without needing to pay for an entire server.

It has guaranteed resources, which means that it doesn't really matter if another separate site on the physical machine is very busy. Also, with a VPS gives you root access to the Linux operating system. This means that you can install whatever version of PHP you like, whatever version of MySQL you like, and any other custom libraries you need to run.

Our VPS' Specs

We're on a Servint Signature VPS plan on the following specifications. Impressive, huh?

  • Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon L5300/L5400 Series CPUs
  • 1.5 TB bandwidth
  • 1.5 GB guaranteed RAM
  • 45 GB hard disk space

More Sweet Bits

It's a fully managed VPS service. If I mess up, such as deleting a file accidentally, I just contact support and the file is back in 5 minutes. If I need them to upgrade the version of PHP and all related issues with upgrading, I just ask.

Finally, Servint are a green-aware host. They contribute to reforestation projects at levels exceeding the overall draw of their server infrastructure by at least 10 percent.

Give your site a boost! Get hosted with Servint VPS hosting!

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