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Rest In Peace

In Irish, the equivalent to “Rest in Peace” literally means “May his/her sould be on God’s right-hand side”.

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Love & Terms of Endearment

Love is one of those complex concepts, isn’t it. Love is abstract so it is no wonder that there are so many ways to express how you feel about another.

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Irish Family Naming Traditions

Oldest son named after the Father’s father

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American States

*Alabama- Stát an Chasúir Bhuí – Yellow Hammer State
*Alaska- An Teorainn Dheireanach – The Last Fronteir
*Arizona- Stát an Chainneoin Mhóir – Grand Canyon State
*Arkansas- An Stát Nadúrtha – The Natural State
*California- An Stát Órga – Golden State
*Colorado- Stát an tSléibhe Charraigigh – Rocky Mountain State
*Connecticut- Stát an Bhunreachta – The Constitution State
*Delaware- An Chéad Stát – The First State
*Florida- Stát an Dealraimh Gréine – The Sunshine State
*Georgia- Stát na Péitseoige – The Peach State
*Hawaii- Stát Aloha – Aloha State
*Idaho- Stát an Gheama – Gem State
*Illinois- Tír Lincoln – Land of Lincoln
*Indiana- Stát Hoosier – Hoosier State
*Iowa- Stát an Arbhair – Corn State
*Kansas- Stát Lus na Gréine – Sunflower State
*Kentucky- Stát an Fhéir Ghoirm – Bluegrass State
*Louisiana- Stát an Pheileacáin – Pelican State
*Maine- Stát an Chrainn Péinne – Pinetree State
*Maryland- Stát na Seanlíne – Old Line State
*MassachusettsStát na Bá – Bay State
*MichiganStát an Locha – Lake State
*MinnesotaStát na Réalta Thuaidh – North Star State
*MississippiStát na Magnóilia – Magnolia State
*MissouriStát an tSléibhe Iarainn – Iron Mountain State
*MontanaStát na Taisce – Treasure State
*NebraskaStát na Mairteola – Beef State
*NevadaTír an Airgid – Silverland
*New HampshireStát an Eibhir – Granite State
*New JerseyStát an Ghairdín – Garden State
*New Mexico- Tír na Draíochta – Land of Enchantment
*New York- Stát na hImpireachta – Empire State
*North Carolina- Stát an tSeanthuaiscirt – Old North State
*North Dakota- Státe Ghairdín na Síochána – Peace Garden State
*Ohio- Stát na bPoncán – Yankee State
*Oklahoma- Stát na Sooners – Sooner State
*Oregon- Stát an Bheabhair – Beaver State
*Pennsylvania- Stát na hEochrach – Keystone State
*Rhode Island- Stát an Aigéin – Ocean State
*South Carolina- Stát an Phailmín – Palmetto State
*South Dakota- Stát an tSíobtha – Blizzard State
*Tennessee- Stát na nÓglach – Volunteer State
*Texas- Stát na Réalta Aonaraí – Lone Star State
*Utah- Stát Locha an tSalainn – Salt Lake State
*Vermont- Stát an tSléibhe Ghlais – Green Mountain State
*VirginiaMáthair na Stát – Mother of States
*Washington- Stát an tSíorghlais – Evergreen State
*West Virginia- Stát an tSléibhe – Mountain State
*Wisconsin- Stát an Bhroic – Badger State
*Wyoming- Stát an Chomhionannais – Equality State

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Fish names

The PDF discussed in this article is no longer online.

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Relationships, Family

seanmhuintir = grandparents
athair = father
athair altrama = foster father
athair baistí = godfather
athair céile = father in law
athair críonna = grandfather (Munster?)
athair mór = grandfather (Ulster + Munster Irish)
baintreach = widow, widower
baintreach fir = widower
bean chéile = wife
Bráithreachas = Brotherhood
brídeach = bride
cailín coimhdeachta = bridesmaid
cara = friend
cara mná = girlfriend
clann = sept
clann clainne = grandchildren
clann, teaghlach = family
col ceathrar* = first cousin
col cúigear* = first cousin once removed
col ochtar* = third cousin
col seachtar* = second cousin once removed
col seisear* = second cousin
daideo = grandad
deartháir = brother
deirfiúr = sister
dlúthchara = best friend
fear céile = husband
fiancé(e) = fiance
finné = witness
finné fir = best man
gariníon = granddaughter
garmhac = grandson
grúmaeir = groom
iníon = daughter
iníon baistí = god daughter
leanbh baistí = godchild
leannán = lover
leasathair = step father
leasdeartháir = step brother
leasdeirfiúr = step sister
leasiníon = step daughter
leasmhac = step son
leasmháthair = step mother
mac = son
mac baistí = god son
mamó = granny
máthair = mother
máthair altrama = foster mother
máthair baistí = god mother
máthair chéile = mother in law
máthair chríonna = grandmother (Munster?)
namhaid = enemy
seanathair = grandfather (standard)
seanmháthair = grandmother (standard)
sin-seanathair = great grandfather
sin-seanmháthair = great grandmother
stócach = boyfriend
treibh = clan
treibh = tribe
*(in all these forms you can also use the genitive case: col ceathair, col cúigir etc)

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Your Age

This is how you say how old you are. Let’s start at the age of 13.

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Telling Time

This is how to ask for time and tell time to someone in the great language of Gaeilge. (Written at: A cúig déag i ndiaith a sé.)How to Ask for/Tell the Time

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Describing People

Generally, when you describe a person’s appearance, you are talking either about qualities and characteristics that describe them (adjectives) or features that they possess (nouns). Below are some ways to describe people. I hope others will add more.

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Counting Objects

When counting objects, the words for numbers change.

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