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Forum Members Interviewed

Who are these people on the forum?! What can they teach beinngers? What makes them tick?

Interview with Aibigéal

She lives on a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere, with her parents, younger siblings and the Irish-speakingest chickens in the state of Indiana... July 2007

Interview with JSmith13

Jim has been with the forum for almost 4 years, with almost 20,000 posts. His humour is loved by (almost!) all (you can't please everyone). Jim talks about his interest in his heritage, and about his life as a fire fighter. January 2007

Interview with Julius

With Irish grand parents, Julius is a native of Buenos Aires City, Argentina. October 2006

Interview with Redwolf

Redwolf, the forum's top poster with 25,000+ posts, talks about how she got into learning Irish through her love of Irish tradiational music, of her path of learning, and tips for beginners. September 2006

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