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Through our active community of those interested in Irish Gaelic, we bring you a free human-based community translation service. Get your English to Irish Gaelic translations on the forum.

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Irish Gaelic, or Irish Language, or Gaelic?

This site provides English to Irish Gaelic translations. The Gaelic English translations are provided free of charge. The Irish Gaelic language isn't called that in Ireland! We simply call it "Irish", or "Gaeilge". Furthermore, "Gaelic" can refer to the related language in Scotland.

As well as Irish Gaelic English translations on the forum, we offer help on how to learn Irish Gaelic online, and a unique collaborative Irish Gaelic dictionary.

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Learn to Speak Irish Gaelic

Have you ever considered learning to speak Irish Gaelic? Learn to speak the language of your heritage with our online course for beginners.

If you prefer to learn through computer software, try TeachMe! Irish software learning program.

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